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Buymoda.Org Selective Scam | Are You At Risk?

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2023 7:44 am
by admin
Buymoda.Org Selective Scam |
Are You At Risk?

The Dark Side of

Have you ever puzzled over why some online pharmacies have a
reputation that leaves much to be desired? Let's take a closer look at This platform has been raising eyebrows for all the
wrong reasons. However, we'll approach this with an open mind,
considering all the facts and giving you the information you need to
make an informed choice.
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The Scamming Allegations

One of the most disturbing allegations leveled against the company is
scamming. A considerable number of users have reported parting with
their hard-earned money, especially through Bitcoin payment, only to
receive nothing in return. A question that begs an answer is, why would
a respected online pharmacy involve itself in such deceptive behaviors?
The selective scamming has left many customers feeling cheated and
taken advantage of, and it has massively damaged the reputation of

"I made a payment through Bitcoin, and I haven't received my order. I
feel cheated." [1] scam.png scam.png (166.48 KiB) Viewed 6500 times

Delays and Poor Customer Service

But that's not the end of it. There are additional concerns. Customers
have complained about extensive delays in receiving their orders. Some
even reported waiting for weeks on end without any word about their
shipment's status. And when they sought help from the customer
service team, they were met with unresponsiveness and a lack of
empathy. Is this what we call customer commitment?

"I have been waiting for my order for weeks now, and the customer
service team is not helping at all." [2]
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buymoda scam.png (43.59 KiB) Viewed 6500 times owner personal Details

Name - Omar raikiri
Personal Phone Number - +31616814954
Resident Country- Netherlands
City -Gauda
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omar buymoda owner.png (201.98 KiB) Viewed 6449 times Review: Unethical Business Practices

At first glance, might seem like an ideal platform for
procuring your medications. But, is everything as rosy as it appears?
Let's explore this matter further.

Reports of unethical practices have been increasingly associated with This includes not just minor glitches, but serious
allegations of scamming and extensive delays in delivery. Can you really
afford to risk your hard-earned money on such a platform?

Scamming is not just about losing your investment; it's about the
breach of trust and the emotional setback that comes with it.

The most disturbing aspect of's operations appears to be
their selective scam. Imagine this scenario: You make a payment using
bitcoin, and then you wait, and wait, and wait. Days turn into weeks,
but there's still no sign of your package. Suddenly, you realize you're
empty-handed despite making the payment. How does this situation
make you feel?

Let's take a closer look at these unethical practices:

: Customers have reported losing their money after
placing their orders. This is not just a one-off scenario, but seems
to be a recurring issue.

Extensive Delays: Long waiting periods after making a payment is
another common complaint. In the digital age, where efficiency is
key, such delays are unacceptable.

Selective Scam: Some customers receive their orders while others
don't, despite making the payment. This 'selective' delivery
system is highly unethical and raises serious questions about the
credibility of

Risking Credit Card Security: The Dark Web Peril of
Utilizing might jeopardize the security of your credit card information in the depths of the dark web. Their selective scamming has not only left certain customers empty-handed but has also damaged the reputation of online pharmacies overall, casting a somber cloud over all such businesses. It's a dangerous game, one that could potentially expose your credit card information to fraudulent activities on the dark web. This dubious approach taints the entire industry, raising concerns about its integrity. Such a risky strategy may inadvertently make your credit card details susceptible to illicit operations in the obscure corners of the internet. Prioritize established and secure online marketplaces to ensure your personal data remains protected.

Faced with such issues, it's natural to seek alternatives. But where
should you turn? Allow us to introduce you to Rapidfinil after few paragraphs.
lets first explore and their sophisticated scam .

Scamming and Delays: The Bitter Truth about

Have you ever had a situation where you paid for a product, yet you're
left stranded without a delivery? Well, brace yourself, because that's
the bitter truth some users face on This platform is no
stranger to scamming and delays, leaving some customers high and dry,
especially those who paid via bitcoin. Let's embark on a deeper

It's worrying because the website says it's a leader in
online medicine sales, but there are disturbing claims of bad behavior.
Even though it's hard to accept, there are clear signs of dishonest
practices. The website's trustworthy appearance is slowly disappearing,
showing something worse underneath. People who trust and give
money to the website are feeling disappointed and worried. This makes
us question if online medicine buying is really safe and reliable.

One user reported, "I made a Bitcoin payment on , waited
patiently for my order and guess what? It never arrived! They took my
payment and ran."

Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated case. The stories are eerily similar,
forming an undeniable pattern of selective scamming. The victims?
Innocent users who ventured into the murky waters of bitcoin
payment. But why bitcoin, one might wonder?

1.Irreversible Transactions:Unlike credit card payments, Bitcoin
transactions cannot be reversed. Once you've made a transaction,
there's no way of getting your money back, making it a perfect
tool for scamming.

2. Anonymous Transactions: Bitcoin transactions offer a degree of
anonymity that can be exploited by unethical platforms. Once the
transaction is made, tracking the receiver is nearly impossible.
Then there's the issue of delays. If the scamming wasn't enough, has been accused of prolonged delivery delays, leaving
users waiting indefinitely for their orders.

An annoyed user voiced, "I ordered medication from, and
it's been over a month! There's no sign of my package. It's absolutely

Now, isn't that a nightmare scenario? Not only are you denied the
product you paid for, but the time you've lost waiting can never be
regained. And the worst part? seems to shrug off these
complaints with a dismissive attitude, further fueling the fire of
discontent amongst its users.

In light of these circumstances, one might wonder about the prospects
for individuals in search of dependable online pharmaceutical services.
However, it is heartening to assert that the response to this question is
unequivocally optimistic. There are alternative avenues available that
can restore confidence to those seeking reliable and efficient online
pharmaceutical solutions.

Rapidfinil: The Beacon of Hope

If you've been burnt by's unethical practices, Rapidfinil
offers a refreshing change. Offering fast shipping, PayPal ease, quick
support, and an average delivery time of just 3 days, it's clear this
platform is committed to its customers. But don't just take our word for
it, give it a try and experience the difference!

Feature Description

Shipping Speed Lightning fast, averaging three days
Payment Method Secure and hassle-free via PayPal
Quick and professional
Product Range Diverse, catering to various needs

The Bright Spot: Rapidfinil

So, is there a silver lining in this dark cloud? Yes, there is. And it's
known as Rapidfinil. This platform has shown a stark contrast to in terms of service delivery and customer care. They
accept PayPal, which adds ease and security to transactions, unlike the
Bitcoin payments on

1. Fast Shipping: With an average delivery time of just three days,
you don't have to wait for weeks to receive your medication.

2. Quick Support: Their customer service is responsive and ready to
assist with any issues you may encounter.

3. Diverse Medications: They offer a wide range of medications,
underlining their commitment to meeting their customers' diverse

While it may seem overwhelming, always remember to do thorough
research before trusting an online pharmacy with your health and
money. After all, your well-being is worth far more than taking a chance
on shady practices, isn't it?

Selective Scamming: The Fallout of Bitcoin Payment on

Bitcoin, touted as a secure, untraceable method of transaction, has
a dark side. Especially when you're dealing with online vendors like A lack of proper regulation and the anonymity that
Bitcoin provides, unfortunately, opens doors for unethical practices
such as selective scamming.

What is Selective Scamming?

In the simplest terms, selective scamming is when a vendor fulfills some
orders while neglecting others. Sounds unfair, doesn't it? And yet, this
is what multiple users have reported experiencing on

The lure of a supposedly 'secure' Bitcoin transaction has left these
customers regretting their choice.

"I paid for my order using Bitcoin, trusting the secure transaction
promise. But weeks later, I'm still empty-handed. There's no sign of my
order, and their customer service is unresponsive. It feels like I've been
selectively scammed." – [3]

These aren't isolated incidents. The number of users reporting similar
experiences is alarming. The pattern is clear: payments go through, but
the products never reach the customers. This, folks, is a classic example
of selective scamming.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Once you've transferred your
Bitcoins to the vendor, there's no way to get them back. This makes it a
perfect tool for scammers. In contrast, transactions via PayPal or credit
card offer some level of consumer protection. With these methods, you
can dispute a transaction and potentially get your money back.

"I now realize I should've used PayPal or my credit card. If I had, I
could've disputed the transaction and tried to get my money back. But
with Bitcoin, I'm left high and dry." – [4]

So, should you avoid altogether? Not necessarily. Instead,
consider safer payment options like PayPal. It's wise to learn from the
unfortunate experiences of others rather than becoming a victim

Rapidfinil: A Better Option?

Now, let's switch gears and talk about an alternative. Have you heard
about Rapidfinil? They promise fast shipping, quick customer support,
and an average delivery time of just three days. Sounds like a dream,
right? And the best part? They offer diverse payment methods,
including the ease and security of PayPal transactions.

"I've had a great experience with Rapidfinil. My order was shipped
quickly, and I received it in just three days! Plus, they accepted my
PayPal payment, which gave me peace of mind." - Anonymous User
In conclusion, while might lure you in with the promise of
secure Bitcoin transactions, it's clear that there's a risk of selective
scamming. Our advice? Consider your payment options carefully, and
perhaps give Rapidfinil a shot. After all, your hard-earned money
deserves to be valued, not vanished. A Cautionary Tale of Online Shopping

So, you're thinking of ordering from Let me tell you, you
might want to think twice. This online retailer has been linked to
several questionable practices that may leave you, the customer, out of
pocket and empty-handed.

Scamming Practices

Firstly, let's address the elephant in the room - scamming. Numerous
customers have reported sending payments via Bitcoin, only to never
receive their product. Now, isn't that the worst? You pay for a product,
expect it to be delivered, and then... nothing. Just silence.
"I paid with Bitcoin and was promised delivery of my product. It's been
weeks and I've received nothing. Their customer service is nonresponsive. I feel cheated." [5]
Sound familiar? It's not just one or two instances either - there's
a pattern here that cannot be ignored.

Shipping Delays

Let's say you're one of the 'lucky' ones who does receive a package.
Well, don't get too excited. This company has a reputation for severe
shipping delays. You place an order, expecting a timely delivery, and
then you wait...and wait...and wait. Frustrating, isn't it?
 Delayed shipping
 Non-responsive customer service
 No product delivery

These are just some of the issues you may face when dealing with

Selective Scamming

What's even more concerning is the reported selective scamming.
Some customers pay with Bitcoin and receive their order without an
issue. Others aren't so lucky. They're left out of pocket and emptyhanded. Is this a new low for online retailers?
Payment Method Outcome
Bitcoin Possible Scam

A Better Alternative: Rapidfinil

But don't lose hope. There's a better option out there. Have you heard
of Rapidfinil? This online store not only guarantees fast shipping, they
also accept PayPal for ease of payment. With an average delivery time
of just 3 days, you won't be left waiting.

"Rapidfinil shipped my order quickly and the customer service was
excellent. I will definitely be ordering from them again."

Their diverse medication range underlines their commitment to
customer satisfaction. It's clear that Rapidfinil values their customers.
So, why take the risk with when there's a reliable
alternative just a click away? Customer Reviews | Real Feedback and

Ever found yourself at the crossroads of online pharmaceutical
shopping, wondering where to turn? You're not alone. The rise of
online pharmacies has left many consumers feeling a little lost in the
wilderness. Today, we're putting a particular online vendor under the
microscope: But does it live up to its reputation? Or is it
a cautionary tale in consumers' ever-evolving quest for dependable
online shopping?

What are customers saying about

buymoda is scam.png
buymoda is scam.png (200.77 KiB) Viewed 5678 times
At first glance, appears to be a promising choice for those
seeking a variety of medications. But scratch just a little below the
surface and you're likely to find a whole other story. Many customers
have shared experiences of unethical practices, including scamming and
significant delays in delivery. But let's delve deeper, shall we?

For starters, a troubling number of customers have reported being left
empty-handed after making a payment via Bitcoin. The virtual nature of
cryptocurrency transactions, combined with the absence of
a regulatory authority, makes it a risky venture for the average
consumer. Who wants to make a payment and receive nothing in

"I paid with Bitcoin and never received my order. Customer support
was unresponsive. I feel scammed." - Anonymous user
Reports of scams have been surfacing, painting a picture of an
organization that may not always have their customers' best interests
at heart. Allow us to provide you with an illustrative portrayal of the
owner of unfortunately, has been known to employ
unethical practices, including scamming, delays, and what's been
dubbed as 'selective scam'.

In short:
1. If you do not receive a response from customer support,
You could label this as a case of targeted scamming.
2. Omar Reukiri resides in the city of Gouda, Netherlands.
3. Personal Number: +31616814954
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buymoda is scam.png (200.77 KiB) Viewed 5678 times
Rapidfinil - A Ray of Hope

Amidst the dark clouds of questionable online pharmacies, there's
a silver lining - Rapidfinil. Offering a stark contrast to,
Rapidfinil prides itself on fast shipping, with an average delivery time of
just three days. Impressive, right?

PayPal Convenience: Unlike, Rapidfinil offers the
ease of PayPal payments. No need to worry about the potential
pitfalls of cryptocurrency here.

Quick Customer Support: Got a question? Rapidfinil is quick to
respond, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

Commitment to Customers: With a diverse range of medications,
Rapidfinil underlines its commitment to meeting a wide range of
customer needs.

It's clear that online pharmaceutical shopping is a minefield, and it's
essential to tread carefully. While might leave a bitter
taste for some, Rapidfinil offers a refreshing alternative. So, why not
give it a try and see for yourself?

3 Day Avg. Delivery: Rapidfinil Keeps Its Promise

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why can't the delivery of my
medications be as rapid as my need for them?" That's where Rapidfinil
steps in. Let's dive into their remarkable 3-day average delivery promise
which, quite frankly, is a game changer in the online pharmacy world.

Rapidfinil isn’t just tossing out a boastful claim. They have a well-oiled
system in place to ensure your order is processed, packed, and shipped
in record time. What's their secret, you ask? Let's unveil it!

Efficient Operations: Once your order is placed, it gets swiftly
processed. They don't let it sit. They act. That's their key to

Priority Shipping: They don't just use any shipping service. They
use express. Your needs are urgent, and they treat them as such.

Proactive Communication: With Rapidfinil, you're not left
wondering about your order status. They keep you informed,
every step of the way.

Are there exceptions to the 3-day delivery? Of course. No system is
perfect. But the exceptions are just that – exceptions. The vast majority
of orders from Rapidfinil find their way to customers' doorsteps in
three days or less. And that's something to celebrate!

What's more satisfying than seeing the 'Order Shipped' notification?
Seeing the 'Order Delivered' notification in just three days! That's the
Rapidfinil guarantee.

But let's not just take their word for it. Here's the link where you can find proof of their 3 day delivery .


Rapidfinil is exactly as advertised ...while and modafinilxl are owned by two bussiness partner omar ( ) and owner of . they both have 100s of website so that when they scam a customer , customer will go on to their other alternative website thinking this is different website then or

we will keep adding proof of their scam in upcoming months , you can too join our forum and share your experience with these two duo scammers .